Press Release Statement

Subject: AU CGM Statement regarding Channel 7’s Spotlight program (2 July 2023)

The Lord’s Hope Church Incorporated (TLHC), which is part of Christian Gospel Mission Australia (AU CGM), is a charitable church organisation established to foster faith in God and Jesus for a fulfilled life.

TLHC and AU CGM do not partake in activities that contradict Biblical teachings. Therefore, we unequivocally reject allegations of sexual grooming and sex trafficking of members made in Channel 7’s Spotlight program aired on 2 July 2023. These allegations are baseless and sensationalised, and therefore, defamatory.

AU CGM promotes a physically, mentally and emotionally balanced lifestyle. We encourage members to maintain active relationships and connections with their families and communities.

AU CGM and TLHC reserve the right to pursue legal action in light of Spotlight’s defamatory contents about our organisation and its members. We operate with integrity and are also open to investigation.

Please direct all enquiries to:

Christian Gospel Mission Australia

5th of July 2023